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Curimus offers protection and an anti-stimulant in celebration of summer

June 12, 2012 | News

To celebrate the coming summer season, Curimus provides to the altar of love by releasing an official condom.

“The Curimus-condom works in two ways. It protects you from unwanted pregnancies and all the nasty germs, but also enhances your endurance. As you're putting the condom into use, the grotesque male figures in the carton cut the most excitement off of you. No more worrying about premature eruption!” , explains Curimus drummer Jari Nieminen.

These great rubber things are given as a freebie in the Curimus webstore and Inverse Store as long as the supplies last. For every product you purchase, you get a free condom. 

Curimus wishes a passionate and safe summer for all!

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