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C-squad conquers Tartu

May 19, 2012 | C-squad conquers the world

C-squad conquered Tartu May 19, 2012. Second (and last) show of our weekend tour was played in a fantastic club which had especially good stage sound. Everyone was bit tired from traveling but we did not let that come to our way and we played a furious show as always. Audience wasn't quite as wild as the night before, but they clearly gave a big "yes" to C. After the show journey continued to Tallinn where the boat left back home in the morning. The biggest disappointment of the trip was the fact that there was no karaoke in either one of the boat trips. Juho and Jari were supposed to sing "Summer Wine" as a duet. In the picture the photographer (Jari) got a perfect light to Jari's bicep. The jealous ones (Juho, Juha-Matti and Marko) criticized afterwards.

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Rock'n'Roll Heaven , Tartu, Estonia May 19, 2012