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C-squad conquers Tampere

August 24, 2012 | C-squad conquers the world

C-squad conquered Tampere August 24, 2012. We played our last show of the summer in Chilirock at the amazing Yo-talo. There were lots of people, wibe was good, food was spicy and fellow bands were great. In a real DeMaio-spirit Juho ripped off his bass strings after the final song. The surprise was big when Juha-Matti continued to an encore song. Juho had to manage the whole song with only one string. Audience was awesome, night was awesome, AWESOME! C also visited the Chilifest to enjoy the flavours. In the picture Marko and Juho tastes girlie chilies as Jari and Juha-Matti had some Naga Morich. MANLY MAN!

Chilirock, Tampere, Finland August 24, 2012

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