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C-Squad conquers Seinäjoki

April 25, 2014 | C-squad conquers the world

C-squad conquered Seinäjoki April 25, 2014. This year’s (and this tour’s) first show in one of the band’s favorite venues. Before the show we had a real rock’n’roll experience as we gave an interview and enjoyed some quality kebab! Playing was good despite the small excitement after such a long break in touring. Some people had travelled quite a long way to see our show. We appreciate that kind of effort! In the accommodation we experienced loud snoring from one of the band members… some sensitivity from other band member… and a traditional flat hand hitting competition from two band members. What a great way to start this tour!

C-squad wishes all the best for Juha Peurala in his future adventures!

Bar 15, Seinäjoki, Finland Apil 25. 2014

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