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C-squad conquers Lappeenranta

July 28, 2012 | C-squad conquers the world

C-squad conquered Lappeenranta July 28, 2012. C arrived to Lappeenranta already in friday to spend some relaxing spare time in a local campsite. Time flew while we had some barbecues, played some mini golf and got to know the city. Jari and Juha-Matti visited the gig venue in friday to check out gigs from two friend-bands. In the show day after soundcheks tired C-squad members had little naps on the stage behind the drums and in other strange places. Good show had it's grande finale in the way home when we witnessed a huge thunder storm. In the picture we dance at the gates of the Tecnoparkki.

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Lucky Monkey, Lappeenranta, Finland July 28, 2012