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C-Squad conquers Joensuu

June 13, 2014 | C-squad conquers the world

C-squad conquered Joensuu June 13, 2014. C-squad’s first gig in Joensuu. Very exiting. Friday the 13th turned out to be a real pain. Before the show Juha-Matti’s guitar fell on the floor and was unusable for the show. Luckily we had a spare guitar. Juho broke a string from his bass during the second song and Marko was spiritually few hundred kilometers away. Luckily the audience seemed to like our show. There was also some moshpit action, which we appreciate very much. In the late hours we met some nice local people on a queue of a hamburger place. Organizers deserve our thanks, we will return!

La Barre, Joensuu, Finland June 13, 2014

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