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C-squad conquers Helsinki

June 1, 2011 | C-squad conquers the world

C-squad conquered Helsinki Jun 1, 2011. Gig in Helsinki at a place no one of us had played before. Frames were fantastic! Jari's indian lunch came back to haunt him in form of gas problems, which the whole band had to suffer from. In the middle of the show Juha-Matti hit his guitar to his knee so hard, that the sound disappeared. This gave Jari and Juho a chance to play few minutes of Manowar -related improvised drum'n'bass spectacle. After a chance of guitar the song continued normally. The group picture was supposed to be taken in front of local gay bar's awesome sign that said "yes it's gay", but our country boys got cold feet. Maybe next time… Gloria, Helsinki, Finland Jun 1, 2011

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