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bio_marko.jpgMarko Silvennoinen

bio_jm.jpgJuha-Matti Helmi

bio_juho.jpgJuho Manninen

bio_jari.jpgJari Nieminen


Finnish thrash metal band Curimus was founded in November 2004 in the small town of Loimaa. After two rehearsals three songs were composed. Of course they were extremely horrible but that was an intense start for the band. Well… actually it took a year and a half to find a suitable vocalist. So finally the band was complete and the next mission was to make that mess sound like a band. It took a while…

The first promo cd was recorded in September 2006 and the first gig was played in March 2007. And we’re still on the same road. After over 70 gigs, four promo cd’s and two line-up changes the band felt they were ready for the first full-length album. The debut album “Realization” will be released on 22nd February 2012.